Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We at Redline 9 Software Solutions not only assess your vision and approach towards digital transformation, but review the cultural and organization facets, which will keep your transformation moving in a direction that delivers value. Many organizations only focus on the technology and not the human aspects affected by change. We drive to deliver value to your business, by not only digitizing your processes, but advancing change in all facets of your organization and focusing on transformative initiatives that deliver business value, such as organizational change management and creating new sources of revenue.

What we have learned

Successful Digital transformations are even more difficult than traditional change efforts and they include five factors for success.  These include leadership, communication, empowering workers, improving tools and expanding capabilities.  

Our Approach

The adoption of technologies also plays a very important role across digital transformations.  Once we agree to provide an initial assessment of your supporting infrastructure, technology stack, business strategy, organizational communication, workforce strategies, policies and processes, we will outline an approach for next step in your transformation.  We also discuss 11 technology areas with you to understand where you want to focus.  Our expertise shows you should be considering all 11 areas at some point for an enterprise transformation.  Some areas you may already be considering, are in the process of changing or are needing.  Three of the areas are artificial intelligence AI, the Internet of Things, IoT, and advanced neural machine-learning, ML techniques.  Depending on your needs, we’ll collaborate and prioritize to obtain a roadmap and a course of action tailored to meet your business needs.
Our goal is to help your business succeed in your Digital Transformation.  We will need to perform an initial assessment by scheduling discovery sessions with key individuals within your organization.  These people include the Key Stakeholders, Line Managers, Subject Matter Experts and Individuals in the possible affected areas of change.  Our assessment will look into the various categories above and review 21 best practices as well.  Our assessment will include our findings of your business’ current state, recommendations for improvements and change and an executive summary to review with your leadership.
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