Full Stack Development

Building reliable and user friendly full-stack products is a core business at Redline 9 Software Solutions. We enjoy creating solutions that are driven by market demands and strive to deliver the best software product to meet your business objectives.

We utilize extremely talented development resources local, near and offshore. Our teams have built, managed and supported over 100 projects  in many verticals, which include Financial Services, Health Care, Energy, Luxury and Retail, Insurance, Media, Telecomm and more.

We deliver software products with agility and are technology-agnostic, as we are not in the business of selling other’s software. We leverage many languages, technologies, platforms and frameworks suited to your specific business needs. Whether you just need a small project rescued, an API developed or a mobile app to offer your services, Redline 9 will deliver.

Application Development

Redline 9 Software Solutions is the best choice for your software application needs. We have delivered E-Commerce platforms, SaaS products, Websites, Media streaming and many other types of software applications. We offer expertise in application development to build and test the application per your specifications. Learn more about our Enterprise Application Development capabilities.

Enterprise Applications
Our expertise in Enterprise Application development and integration extends over 15 years.  We have worked with many CRM, ERP, HR and Accounting systems and understand the complexities of improving and maintaining these types of applications.   We will help deliver solutions that optimize critical business processes and functions including Database development, Incident management, Marketing campaigns, Product delivery, Inventory Management and more.  

Custom Software Products One of our favorite engagements at Redline 9 is to build you a custom software product.  It allows you to express your vision to us, so we can deliver something that is unique to your business needs and the marketplace.   We specialize in creating a solution and product which will provide any capabilities you desire and will grow with your business to enhance the lives of others using your product.  We will utilize our Agile process and practices to discover, design, prototype, develop, implement, test and deploy your software product to meet your business objectives.

Web Development

Redline 9 specializes in creating advanced web applications with the most up to date technologies.   If you are wanting to enhance your web services, modify your website for improvements or change or just add a new branding look, we will help you.  Our team will handle creating, improving, extending, testing and or maintaining your web solution, whatever your business need, size, or industry.

Software as a Service, SaaS Applications Redline 9 will provide expertise in building commercial SaaS-based applications.  We understand the specific challenges to a finished product and can collaborate with you in your journey.  We'll discuss your proposed technology stack, your market research, and the pricing strategy to understand how to help in delivering your minimal viable product MVP.  We'll leverage our DevOps experience as well, to ensure you are preparing for the reliability, security and scalability to provide these services to your customer base.  Contact us now on getting started with your SaaS application.

E-Commerce Applications

If your business sells products or services online, a custom E-Commerce application offers competitive advantages.  If you are wanting to create a new application, update and improve facets of an existing application or need help in migrating to the Cloud, we will help.  Redline 9 builds applications that streamline payment, inventory, reporting and security to keep your business prospering.

Mobile Development

Building an App as part of your core business or to improve business processes, Redline 9 Software Solutions offers a variety of technical approaches to meet your needs. Whether it’s building an App for Internal Corporate, E-commerce, Utility, Lifestyle or just anything you can envision as a Stand-Alone Mobile App. We know exactly how to turn your valuable vision into reality. Learn more about our solutions.

Android and iOS Native Development

Today's Apps are very sophisticated and can be complex to build.  We know you may need to build your App natively to ensure every feature works as expected with the respective OS and SDK.  Redline 9 has professional experience with iOS, Swift, and Objective-C, Android's SDK and Java to build in those rarely used features, as well as the common facets every App should bring to the user experience.  We'll provide the optimal testing and enable you to launch in your respective store, Apple's App Store and or Google's Play Store.  Contact Us for more information.

React Native for Android and iOS

There are numerous benefits to utilizing React Native, such as a very large user community with extensive knowledge in developing applications with this platform.  It utilizes Java Script, the famous programming dialect many web and mobile developers know well, so they can build your App and leverage predefined libraries and components.  It's helpful in providing basic troubleshooting instrumentation as well.  This is a great approach for a quick prototype for running on either iOS or Android.  Tell us more about your App needs.

Ionic Mobile Application Development

Ionic is an open-source SDK which utilizes web advances like HTML5 and CSS3.  It is based on AngularJS and Apache Cordova.   Ionic is a npm module and requires Node.js, which is readily available on many platforms.   This framework allows you to update your mobile apps very quickly and see them with the use of Ionic Serve Lab.  It's also a great approach for UI prototyping.  If you know and like Ionic, talk to us about next steps for your mobile App project.

UX / UI Design

The User Experience of any software product, which utilizes a user interface, is critical to the success of the product’s longevity. If the product is not intuitive to use, it’s human nature to abandon the usage and sometimes speak poorly about the product to others. At Redline 9 Software Solutions, we have a proven efficient process for creating your product’s optimal user experience.

UX, User Experience

Our process begins with you during our discovery sessions to understand your vision of the product, the user base, personas and product concepts.  We will extract and create testing hypothesis to ensure we understand your objectives and are providing the value in the product to your user base.  We may walk you through several sessions until we have enough information to build upon towards a minimal viable product or MVP.  We will capture these details and create a visual experience, first in the form of wire frames,  for you to provide feedback.  This process generally iterates on a regular cadence before we develop your product.


It's possible you may a solid vision of your product's user interface and have wireframes, navigation details, a style guide and possible story boards.  Redline 9 can take what you have created, and build upon the information to prototype your product's minimal viable product or MVP.

Our prototype, an interactive and dynamic mock-up, will allow you to validate the screens and flow and ensure that the real experience makes sense and that all happy, alternate and exceptional paths are covered.  This prototype can be utilized as a tool which we incrementally add to, even after an MVP, to test what we learned in our UX discovery sessions.  The benefit of this approach, is that it allows you to experience if this product is intuitive and user friendly, without spending a great amount of time and money completely building a complete and functional UI.

UI, User Interface Design

Redline 9 leverages any work you have done, regarding navigation of your product, a style guide, personas and any other relevant material before spending large amounts of development time.  We will typically work with you on your UX and prototype your UI before passing on to a development team for complete integration with back end services.  We utilize this approach to save you time and money.  Every iteration, you have the ability to provide feedback for change before we start development.  Once you are satisfied with a MVP UX prototype or feature UX prototype, we will create or leverage modular and reusable graphic elements and components to build your UI.  At this stage, we will continuously extend your product's UI throughout our agile development cycles, leveraging the style guide and work flows built by us or provided.

API Development and Integration

Application Programming Interfaces are the connectors of our software transactional world. Redline 9 Software Solutions offers API Development as well as Integration services to many of the largest Software Product vendor products available. If you are wanting to build upon your own API or just integrate services with a well-known API, we will develop the optimal interfaces to suit your business requirements. Learn more about how we will help.

API Development

At Redline 9 we provide extensive expertise in building web application programming interfaces. We enable transparent integration with your existing apps based on your specific requirements.  We take performance and security of your API services into account as well, so you can rest easy your API will allow users to benefit from what you expect to expose and in a timely manner.  Talk to Redline 9 about your API.

API Integration Redline 9 knows API integration.  We have provide custom software to users needing to access prominent software services, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Concur, Workday, DocuSign and more.  These services allow you to streamline your business processes and leverage exactly what you need from a reputable service.  Let us help you with your next API integration.

Software QA

We know that software is not perfect and someone can always find an issues to correct. Redline 9 Software Solutions provides a full range of Quality Assurance and Testing services to ensure that the software product we build or you have built meets the highest standards. Our approach starts with Development and extends into Quality Assurance to ensure we are finding the issues, before your customers find them. Learn more about the testing we will provide.

First Class Testing

At Redline 9, testing begins with us in our initial discussions and discovery sessions.  We start by creating a mutually agreed upon test plan to suit your business needs.  You may need specific security tests for hardware or software or tests for your UX, such as A/B testing.  We will supplement your team or provide a team of our own.  We provide all facets of agile testing for the overall software development lifecycle of your product.

Our Development teams will leverage tools for unit and integration testing, as well as behavior driven tests if warranted.   Our QA teams will leverage tools for UI testing, functional,  non functional and smoke testing.   They will also provide integration testing. 

At Redline 9, we prefer automated tests and understand there is a cost benefit to you.  You decide if you prefer manual, automated or both, as we typically see both types needed for most projects.   Since we are Agile driven, we provide testing on your desired cadence.

QA, Quality Assurance Testing

We take an agile approach to QA testing, just as in Development.  We provide QA expertise, as a team if warranted, as part of our software delivery process.  We can test mobile Apps, API's User Interfaces, Websites and Application software products in the Cloud.  We can provide automated and manual testing expertise and track our testing using the latest metrics from the tools we leverage during the QA process.  Every iteration, your software product will be testing to ensure it's defect free and meets the requirements you expect.


Additional Testing Generally, you can always spend more time testing, but there is a cost benefit associated with testing.  Too much testing, costs time and money and does not provide the necessary incremental value.  We collaborate with you to understand your budget and objectives.  We know there are needs for different types of tests, depending on your software product.  If you need various environments for smoke, stress, performance, reliability and or security testing, we can help set up those environments, test and provide you with the expected metrics, depending on the tests performed.  If you require additional testing and enhanced logging or auditing, we will work with you to ensure you can meet your regulatory, compliance and or governance mandates.  If you have a testing need, let us help.

Software Project Rescue

There are certainly challenges with most software product engagements and it may be helpful to obtain additional expertise, to assist you in getting your project back on track. Redline 9 Software Solutions offers many of these types of services to improve your project’s situation. Whether it’s a legacy application needing modernization, removing technical debt, performance improvements, security updates or something else that you need, Redline 9 Software Solutions will help.

Technical Debt

No one likes the term technical debt.  It even sounds bad and it is detrimental to your software product.  Generally, teams create technical debt due to poor development practices, such as not unit testing, writing code which is not reusable or modular and not refactoring code as needed. Redline 9 will help you with your situation.  We will assess your codebase, in most cases (we need the source, not compiled code) and recommend steps to clean the code base.  Whatever the situation, let Redline 9 help rescue your software product.

Overall Product Improvement We have all witnessed and used a poorly designed website or mobile app.  Sometimes, it can be very frustrating to the user.  Redline 9 can assess your software product and recommend various approaches to improving the product.  It may need UX improvements, security updates and or performance improvements.  Talk to us today about your concerns and the feedback from your customers.

Legacy Modernization

Redline 9 has worked on many applications, websites and apps over the years, and understands that these were built with the highest of standards.  Over the years, technology has evolved and so have the tools, approaches and standards.  If you are looking to take a large monolithic application and modernize it using the latest modular services, we can help.  If you need to integrate your legacy software product to a new API, let us assess the business need and provide the recommendations for you to improve your product.  We can move you to an improved platform and or create a Software as a Service product.  We are here to help, so contact us now to discuss.




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